Register a dApp

dApp registration

Once you are registered in CKBull Developer Console, you can start adding your dApps to the console. On the main page, next to Your dApps, click the button Create new dApp. This action will redirect you to the dApp creation form which should look like the following image.

Once you have added all the necessary information, click the Create application button at the bottom of the form. Your dApp is now registered in the platform.

Be aware that the dApp name, description and logo will be displayed in the CKBull Wallet every time a sign in request is scanned.

dApp API keys

You will notice that after creating your dApp a modal is displayed. This modal contains the API keys that will let the dApp connect with the Signer API to send transactions.

Your API Keys must never be shared. They may impersonate the dApp and send malicious queries if they are leaked. In that case, see how you can regenerate new API keys.

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